Craig Johring

Craig grew up in Nebraska and now lives and works in Mexico City. He founded Hope of the Poor with Danny Leger to impact the world in how the poor are viewed and treated. More importantly, Craig works with the poor to help them overcome crippling psychological conditions, combat drug addictions, and make the journey from homeless and helpless to becoming hopeful and productive members of the society.


Danny Leger

Danny serves as the USA Director of Hope of the Poor from Omaha, Nebraska. Danny speaks to schools, universities, and churches. He hosts retreats, pilgrimages, and mission trips to teach youth and adults to value the poor and discover ways of serving. Danny is a songwriter, recording artist, and a passionate speaker, engaging people of all ages with songs and stories from serving the poor. Danny and his wife Jill have five kids.

Shadows and Cold

Danny Leger the co-founder of Hope of the Poor, wrote this song inspired by Matthew 5:13 and our work in the darkest mission fields. This song has become an anthem for our ministry, and a call to everyone to boldly bring the light of Christ into the darkness.



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